• Moves data off Teradata into flat files in 64 K blocks to mainframe or computer.
  • Use FastExport instead of BTEQ Export if there are more than 500,000 rows.
  • A Block Level Utility so no more than 60 FastExport jobs can run simultaneously.
  • Can export from multiple tables.
  • Can use multiple sessions for speed
  • V13 enhanced so it won’t use spool before exporting rows.
  • Before Teradata V2R6.0 the DBS control parameter MaxLoadTasks had a max of 15 block level utilities that include FastLoad, MultiLoad and FastExport.
  • This meant that no more than 15 Block Utilities combined could run simultaneously.
  • After V2R6.0 a new DBS control parameter named MaxLoadAWT was introduced.
  • MaxLoadAWT allows for up to 30 FastLoad and MultiLoad jobs to run concurrently.
  • MaxLoadAWT also allows for up to 60 FastExport jobs to run concurrently (minus FastLoad or MultiLoad jobs).
  • If MaxLoadAWT is set to 0 then things run like the old days and no more than 15 block utilities can run simultaneously.
  • If MaxLoadAWT is set > 0 then new rules take effect, but remember this can impact queries.

4 modes

A Sample FastExport Script